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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

Item Right Now on eBay
Lamplight Caroler100
Land In Sight471
Lantern Fun50
Latest News2024
Learning To Share60
Let It Shine10
Let It Snow140
Let Me Help You50
Let's Be Friends10
Let's Play220
Let's Sing2852
Let's Start20
Let's Take to the Ice40
Let's Tell The World261
Letter To Santa Claus992
Light of Hope61
Light The Way180
Light Up The Night141
Little Band330
Little Blessings41
Little Bookkeeper423
Little Cellist1191
Little Cobbler50
Little Concerto60
Little Drummer852
Little Farm Hand300
Little Fiddler4484
Little Fiddler Doll00
Little Fisherman40
Little Flag Bearer100
Little Gabriel640
Little Gardener1372
Little Goat Herder2144
Little Guardian232
Little Helper2786
Little Hiker3043
Little Knitter160
Little Landscaper130
Little Lawyer00
Little Luck240
Little Maestro100
Little Miss Mail Carrier50
Little Nurse93
Little Patriot00
Little Pharmacist720
Little Scholar1641
Little Scholar Doll00
Little Seamstress00
Little Shopper1491
Little Sweeper1962
Little Tailor430
Little Thrifty Bank591
Little Toddler00
Little Tooter632
Little Troubadour240
Little Velma10
Little Visitor450
Littler Tooter00
Littlest Teacher40
Loads of Fun60
Look At Me!41
Look What I Made!20
Looking Around121
Lost Sheep2471
Lost Stocking620
Love From Above240
Love In Bloom150
Love Petals61
Love's Bounty240
Loving Wishes/Will You Be Mine?00
Lucky Boy301
Lucky Charmer180
Lucky Fellow1631
Lucky Friend60
Lute Song00

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