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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

Item Right Now on eBay
Sad Song11
Sailing Lesson0
Saint George3
Saint Joseph0
Saint Nicholas Day0
School Boy504
School Boys36
School Days27
School Girl544
School Girl Doll1
School Girls10
School's Out2
Scooter Time4
Searching Angel Wall0
Season's Best7
Secret Admire2
Sensitive Hunter257
Seraphim Soprano2
Serbian Boy0
Serbian Girl0
Serenade of Songs2
Shall We Dance7
Sharing a Song1
Sharing a Story0
Sharpest Student13
She Caught It!13
She Loves Me74
She Loves Me , She Loves Me Not1
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not6
She Loves me, She Loves Me Not!111
Sheep (Lying)0
Sheep and Lamb0
Sheep Laying0
Sheep Standing0
Shepherd (Standing)7
Shepherd Boy33
Shepherd Boy (Kneeling)0
Shepherd Boy, Kneeling with Flute "Little Tooter"0
Shepherd with Flute2
Shepherd with Milk jug0
Shepherd with Staff1
Shepherd's Apprentice2
Shepherd's Boy58
Shepherd, Kneeling5
Shepherd, Standing with Sheep1
Shine So Bright0
Shining Light7
Signs of Spring292
Silent Night40
Silent Vigil0
Sing Along27
Sing With Me40
Singing Lesson421
Sister's Children0
Skate In Stride21
Skating Lesson7
Sleep Tight19
Sleep, Little One, Sleep0
Sleepy Doll4
Sleigh Ride5
Slovak Boy0
Slovak Girl0
Smart Little Sister50
Smiling Through100
Snow Day10
Soap Box Derby3
Soldier Boy37
Song of Hope2
Song of Praise22
Sound The Trumpet30
Sounds of Joy0
Sounds of the Mandolin15
Spanish Language Dealer Plaque0
Sparkling Shell1
Special Delivery18
Spirited Saxophonist0
Spring Bouquet13
Spring Cheer119
Spring Dance185
Spring Fancy1
Spring Gifts18
Spring Love0
Spring Song8
Spring Sowing13
Spring Step2
Spring Sweetheart0
Spring Time9
Spring Waltz87
Springtime Friends4
Springtime Serenade1
Standing Boy4
Standing Boy with Flower Basket behind back0
Standing Girl cradling flowers in her arms0
Standing girl holding a handbag0
Standing Girl holding dog with suitcase at feet0
Standing girl in tiered dress holding flower bouquet0
Standing girl with hands in pockets0
Standing Madonna With Child0
Star Gazer60
Star Light Star Bright2
Starting Young1
Steadfast Soprano124
Stitch in Time56
Stormy Weather424
Story Time4
Storybook time7
Street Singer177
Strike Up The Band17
String Symphony1
Strolling Along204
Strolling with Friends1
Strum Along20
Summer Adventure8
Summer Castles2
Summer Delight6
Summertime Stroll0
Summertime Surprise8
Sunday Stroll0
Sunflower Boy3
Sunflower Friends6
Sunflower Girl0
Sunflowers, My Love?0
Sunny Morning6
Sunny Song0
Supper's Coming1
Supreme Protection9
Surprise Visit0
Swan Chariot0
Swaying Lullaby5
Swedish Boy0
Swedish Girl0
Swedish Language Dealer Plaque0
Sweet As Can Be28
Sweet Greetings34
Sweet Music117
Sweet Nap0
Sweet Treats43
Swimming Lesson1

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