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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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ItemPart Number Right Now on eBay
Sensitive Hunter6 CE20
Sensitive Hunter6/09725
Sensitive Hunter6/0 TW10
Sensitive Hunter6/2/0102
Sensitive Hunter6/2/0 TW10
Sensitive Hunter6/I315
Sensitive Hunter6/I TW10
Sensitive Hunter6/II73
Sensitive Hunter6/II TW10
Farm Boy60/A10
Farm Boy and Goose Girl60/A&B10
Goose Girl60/B11
We Wish You The Best600106
Blossom Time60895
Playmates and Chick Girl61/A&B10
Chick Girl61/B01
April Showers61025
Lazybones612 2/044
Private Conversation6151411
Parade of Lights616173
A Basket of Gifts61847
Garden Gift61972
Happy Pastime62392
A Story From Grandma62037
At Grandpa's62194
Light Up The Night622122
Herald on High62332
Fresh Blossoms62430
Goose Girl62561
I Didn't Do It6264115
Gentle Fellowship62831
From Me, To You6299914
Singing Lesson6312627
For Keeps63011016
At Play632233
I'm Carefree633154
Welcome Spring635109
The Botanist63820
Shepherd's Boy644113
Shepherd's Boy64/III10
Thanksgiving Prayer641/060
Thanksgiving Prayer641/4/021
Echoes of Joy642/040
Echoes of Joy642/4/021
Joyful Noise643/040
Joyful Noise643/4/010
Christmas Song64511
Celestial Musician64640
Festival Harmony with Mandolin64710
Festival Harmony with Flute64810
Wake Up!65603
Playful Blessing658156
Farm Boy669422
Fond Goodbye66021
Friends Together662/0172
Friends Together662/I102
My Little Lamb66710
Pretty as a Picture66710
Strike Up The Band66898
Baking Day66910
Doll Mother678243
A Fair Measure67030
Sweet as can be67121
For Father67211
Supper's Coming67310
Apple Tree Girl676113
Apple Tree Boy67763
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not67820
Good Friends67953
Lost Sheep689415
Lost Sheep68/0454
Lost Sheep68/2/02810
Book Worm68501
Sweet Greetings68620
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not68730
Umbrella Boy68811
Umbrella Girl68921
Happy Pastime6912128
Smiling Through690101
open Number69110
Christmas Song69210
Thanksgiving Prayer69420
Echoes of Joy69510
Joyful Noise69601
Light The Way69710
Heart's Delight698134
Love In Bloom699115

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