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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

Item Right Now on eBay
A Basket of Gifts41
A Bit of Luck For You00
A Boy's Best Friend121
A Budding Maestro242
A Day Of Fun00
A Fair Measure5324
A Flower For You273
A Four Leaf Clover/Pledge to America00
A Free Flight198
A Gentle Glow248
A Gift For You21
A Gift From A Friend10711
A Girl's Best Friend43
A Heartfelt Gift120
A Little Boo Boo01
A Little Gentleman20
A Little TLC01
A Lucky Bug54
A Nap2813
A Personal Message00
A Prayer For You31
A Simple Wish41
A Star For You22
A Stitch In Time198
A Story From Grandma74
A Sweet Offering18022
A Winter Song498
Accordion Ballad01
Accordion Boy14328
Adoration With Bird00
Adoring Children20
Advent Group00
Adventure Bound98
African Wanderer71
Afternoon Nap133
All Aboard264
All Bundled Up115
All By Myself74
All Smiles265
All Yours22
Alpine Dancer267
American Spirit42
American Wanderer81
An Apple A Day358
An Emergency133
Angel at Prayer13
Angel Cloud20
Angel Duet2112
Angel in Cloud21
Angel Joyous News With Trumpet00
Angel Lights141
Angel of Comfort11
Angel of Hope11
Angel of Peace10
Angel Pure As Snow10
Angel Serenade01
Angel Serenade (kneeling)00
Angel Serenade With Lamb103
Angel Shrine67
Angel Star Lights40
Angel Trio85
Angel with Accordian194
Angel With Accordion311
Angel With Bird55
Angel With Carillon01
Angel with Harp171
Angel With Lantern3712
Angel With Lute436
Angel with Triangle31
Angel With Trumpet193
Angel with Two Children at Feet00
Angel, Kneeling (Angel Serenade)01
Angel, Standing (Good Night Angel)10
Angelic Conductor30
Angelic Drummer40
Angelic Guide98
Angelic Sleep196
Angelic Song2012
Angelic Trumpeter80
Apple Tree Boy831149
Apple Tree Girl586119
April Showers83
Arithmetic Lesson00
Art Critic1412
Asian Wanderer92
At Grandpa's145
At Play484
At The Fence20
Auf Wiedersehen12237
Australian Wanderer91
Autumn Glory00
Autumn Harvest2919
Autumn Time12

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